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Let's make Bex clear to you.
Here is how to spell our brand name and also the wrong ways too:



Busy Expand

Busy expand



Here is our logo. Simple, yet powerful.
Our logo describes our enterprise confidently.
Let us elaborate on this.
First, the letter (B) stands for BUSY.
It shows how active we are, always working, never staying ideal. And yes, we take our time off, and when we get busy, we do it with loads of enthusiasm. We build others & we have to build ourselves too. We know that others won't have confidence in us unless we show them what we are made of. This is why we are always BUSY.
Secondly, the green background represents growth.
As we get busy going, we can see changes happening around us. These changes are vital for our business and our brand.
Thirdly, the (ex) stands for EXPAND.
It shows the fruit of our labors. We desired growth - both for your business and ours. When we consistently drive that culture - expansion is sure.
Finally, the greener (ex) represents development.
We don't want to remain at a point for too long - even when we grow, we want to develop our business too. Change is employed here to make us greener than when we started.
In summary - We are busy expanding businesses and people. Taking them from green to greener.

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