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Custom Design

BEX Support

By default, we deliver awesome support to our customers. On all web Apps and Websites, we build, we provide 2 Months of Unlimited support to make your site functional and actively easy to navigate for visitors/guests.

We Make
The Web

A Better

We create

We are

Powerful and Affordable

From forms to live chats we can integrate seamlessly powerful modules to make your webpages extraordinary and modern for a unique price point.

Quick to set up

Your Website or App software can be up and running in no time. Contact us for our cloud-hosted domains and get your business setup on the fly and ready for income.

We manage 100+ sites and offer support for our clients every day

BEx Automation

Automate the repetitive parts of your shop site and save a heap of time in the process.

With our powerful automation triggers we can help you set automatic replies, assign technicians to customers and set automated sales and countdowns to end of sales. You can even get the help desk to setup visibility rules on automated request.

A power user feature, BEx automation takes care of the routine. So you get to spend more time helping out your customers.

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Custom Mail UI

Imagine having a custom look and feel to your emails when you receive them from clients or guests on your website.

How about branding it with same look as your website to create a uniform look and UI all through your products.

That’s what Custom Mail UI is all about.

With ability to send Ads enabled emails and campaign directly from your websites backend with a custom UI to allow your customers differentiate your mails from the rest.

Playground — "Ideas" Space

We let our customers suggest and vote for new features. And develop them in a public live space playground.busyexpand.com. This free idea space makes it possible that we don’t run out of ideas for any project. It is completely open and available to everyone including guests. Discover which features and improvements you’ll like your website have or your users see.

100% Guarantee

100% remote means we can work from anywhere

We can integrate well over 1000+ plugin

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Give & Donations

live stream

Live Chats


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Small enough to be personal. Big enough to be stable.

BusyExpand is a small friendly Digital Software company from Nigeria. We’re small but we are fast.
We provide what bigger companies can’t – agility and a personal approach.

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