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“If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design” (Dr. Ralf Speth)

In Our World Today, Brands are being Judged by Audiences by the Quality of Experience they Provide.

You need to have a compelling mobile user experience to avoid being regarded as a waste of time. The fact that apps are fundamentally mobile, have a ton of functionality, and provide you a constant presence on the devices your consumers check more than 50 times per day means they are a crucial tool for success on mobile, even though they are not the only path. Busyexpand has almost ten years of experience in digital planning and knows what it takes to create compelling, intuitive mobile experiences. We are a dependable success partner for brands who are prepared to join the app marketplace.


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The Process

How we intent to start and finish your project and leave you with results every  single time.

Strategy and Discovery

Understanding the context We'll start with you since stakeholder meetings help us comprehend your plans for the application and the difficulties you want to overcome. Additionally, our team will research the app market to find trends, best practices, and notable achievements. To differentiate yourself from the competition, we'll look at how other applications address the issues that your consumers face.

UX Design

Creating the Experience. Our UX team will develop personas and user journeys to understand your users better. Determining precisely which features are required to support users throughout the experience will be made easier by clear task flows.

User testing

We test, improve, and still test again. Our team relies heavily on user testing as a tool for proofing. We'll provide important user group representatives early access to prototypes and beta versions, record their behavior, and gather feedback as they use them. We can enhance the product and experience with the aid of this information.

UI Design

Part of the brand. We begin the visual design with an exploratory meeting in which we exchange inspiration and pay attention to you to determine what works and what doesn't for you. Our design team will then create a visual identity for your application.

Deployment and post-launch

Getting into the world. After getting your approval, your app will go into development, the last phase before launch, and a field we are quite knowledgeable in. Finally, your app will be launched in the store, but our effort is not done yet. After assisting you with the launch, our team will assist you in marketing your product through major channels and will offer committed support.

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